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Kristy Swanson’s naked ass pictures

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

This glamorous nude picture of Kristy Swanson‘s ass is making me think of many things. First, note that her ass is full and round, which is perfect for slapping whenever she’s on top of you and pumping the cum out of your fully erect cock. Second, Kristy’s butt looks so soft and inviting that it’ll be hard to resist inserting your cock in her asshole. She’s probably had too many guys asking her to go anal during sex that she’ll most likely let me do her in the rear, which would be totally kinky. I imagine her ass wobbling and slapping against my pelvis while I’m screwing her doggy style, and I’ll grab and pull at her hair while she’s screaming for me to fuck her harder and harder. And when I’m done and spent with my cum, I’ll ask for more naked pictures of Kristy Swanson so I can reminisce on those happy times when I banged her celebrity ass from behind.

Kristy Swanson orgy pictures

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Kristy Swanson loves to be in the company of men, especially when they all have their cocks out and are waiting for a taste of her fine pussy. Like these gentlemen right here: portly and clean-shaven as they might be, they’ve completely forgotten their manners and have decided to unzip their pants right on what appears to be a lobby so they can have a taste of Kristy’s pussy. The gentleman behind her is playing with her titties, while his friend has completely ignored good hygiene and has plopped himself on the carpet and has started licking Kristy’s pussy.

The other picture proves that Kristy can be a bit of a hoarder when it comes to eating cock; she can’t have just one at a time and has decided to call up another dude so they can have a fun threesome. While one guy’s screwing and ramming Kristy’s hairy pussy, the other guy can choke Kristy by slamming his dick in her mouth. She wants it, anyway. And she wants your participation too. So come see these hot orgy pictures of nude Kristy Swanson so you can join in on the fun.

Wet and wild naked pics of Kristy Swanson

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Here’s sexy star Kristy Swanson in a nude nature pictorial looking very hot and dirty. Quite literally, dirty. I wish I could have been the lucky guy who got to rub sand all over Kristy’s arms, tits, curves, pussy, and legs; I’d have given her heavily suggestive backrubs with the sand, and slip a finger ‘accidentally’ in the pussy area when I’m trying very, very hard to get just the right amount of sand in between her legs, you know, for the sake of artistry and getting a good feel of her pussy, I mean, subject.

Obviously, the sand shot came before the water shot, and I’m pretty sure the guy who got to assist Kristy the first time was the same guy who got to pour water all over Kristy to clean her off for the shoot in the water. Again, if I were the guy, I’d make sure to clean Kristy’s hairy vagina and rub off all the sand that got stuck inside her pussy. I’ll push two careful fingers inside and massage her pussy, while she stretches ever so slightly in front of the photographer and crew, struggling to hide a moan and the flutter of eyelids she makes from being horny from my cleaning duties. But I’ll take my hand out of her pussy and stop fingering her, so I’ll have time to wash of her tits and nipples. Of course, I’ll have to straddle her so I can get a good reach, and it’ll just be between me and Kristy whatever bulge she feels rubbing against her pussy while I’m humbly doing my job. She won’t have to say a thing. You, however, need to speak up and say what you think about these hot and glamorous nude pictures of Kristy Swanson.